Year 5 Explore Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

This term Year 5 have have been learning about the Tudors so, to enhance their learning, they went on a trip to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard to explore Henry VIII's warship, The Mary Rose. 

After handling a range of different artefacts and exploring who might have used them for which job, the pupils had the opportunituty to try on the clothing of different people on the ship including the Barber Surgeon and an archer.

They then visited the museum itself and saw the ship in all her glory! They found out about 'Hatch' the ship's dog and found that even dogs had an important job - to catch rats. They discovered how the ship sunk and what life was like on board through artefacts and even real-life skeletons!
Finally, the children had the opportunity to take part in a thrilling 'Gun Drill' where they re-enacted the important stages of loading and firing the cannon. It was a busy day and the children returned to school with so many interesting facts about The Mary Rose and life on board a Tudor warship!