The happiness, health and wellbeing of our entire school community is at the centre of life at St Margaret’s and we place great importance on the relationship between parents, pupils and staff.

Maintaining open and positive relationships with our parents plays a pivotal role in ensuring the safety, wellbeing, motivation and all-round development of each child in our care. Adopting a holistic, family-focused approach to understanding the whole child is of central importance to all staff at the school. This approach allows us all to work with ‘Parents as Partners’ to truly understand each child and to ensure they feel valued and secure. This means we can nurture their individuality by encouraging meaningful relationships amongst their peers, teachers and the wider school community.

We are proud to be a UNICEF Rights Respecting School and work hard to create a safe and inspiring place to learn, where our children are respected, their talents nurtured and they are able to thrive.

"Pupils’ possess high degrees of empathy and self-assurance for their age."

ISI Inspection Report

Child Focused


As a learning community, we feel that it is vital for all children to feel valued and listened to. Enjoyment at School – Yes! (EASY) underpins the positive culture that exists throughout St Margaret’s. Children know that every day at school should be enjoyable and they thrive in a safe and secure environment. A termly EASY focus provides opportunities for them to explore their personal and social development, in addition to learning about communities beyond St Margaret’s. EASY cards are a visual reminder that there is always someone to talk to, and Mrs Heal, Deputy Head Pastoral, is identified as an especially good listener.
St Margaret’s is organised according to a traditional, vertically based House System. The House system is used to encourage a sense of community and offers opportunity for both individual and team recognition. To help with settling, new children joining the school are buddied with a Year 6 child in the same house.
Siblings are always placed in the same House, which enables them to work together in the many collaborative activities that take place, either on the sports field or as part of the extended curriculum. A healthy sense of competition is encouraged and the children look forward to celebrating the winner of the weekly, termly and annual House awards! Throughout the school year, great emphasis is placed on the corporate effort of the 'House' to gain Housepoints.




At St Margaret’s every member of the employee community understands their essential role in the safeguarding of our children and the responsibility we have in creating a safe environment for them. To support this, we have a Designated Safeguarding Lead and a team of highly experienced and qualified individuals who make up a wider committee of safeguarding professionals.
The school follows all government guidance and ensures that safeguarding is a part of our everyday duty of care for the children. Our commitment to safeguarding permeates every aspect of school life and we have created a culture of vigilance within which staff are well-prepared to identify the signs of a child in need.
Alongside the children’s social and emotional wellbeing, our extensive knowledge allows us to work collaboratively in support of their medical, health and safety needs. Staff are first aid trained at a level appropriate to their role and the school benefits from a fully equipped Medical Centre in the grounds, under the supervision of trained and experienced State Registered Nurses and a counselling service is also available.