Why St Margaret's?

An education at St Margaret’s is not just about academic rigour, it’s also about respect and understanding for each other and giving our pupils the tools to understand themselves.

Throughout their time at school we see children grow in independence, self-esteem and confidence as they learn key ‘soft skills’. Through embracing our shared school values, we create an atmosphere which gives our pupils the confidence to achieve their very best in a supportive and engaging environment. Visitors to our school often comment on our pupils - they are happy, settled and have a 'can-do' attitude towards their learning. 

"Pupils leave the school as confident, independent, highly mature and thoughtful young people."

ISI Inspection Report

Igniting Interests

W.B. Yeats said that education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire.

We wholeheartedly agree and as a result teaching throughout the school is tailored to inspire each individual child, meeting his or her needs with both class and specialist subject teachers, supported by an extensive array of resources and technology. Children are encouraged to evaluate their own learning and, with support, identify their next steps. 

Our bespoke, individualised learning programme means that we are able to challenge at the appropriate time and give support when it is required. We actively seek strengths in children to challenge and extend whilst also offering opportunities for children to consolidate their learning through classroom support and organised Booster Groups.

Igniting Interests

Nurturing Individuality

Of course you want your children to be happy, alongside giving them the best possible start in life.  

Our family-focused approach allows us to work with ‘Parents as Partners’ to truly understand each child and to ensure they feel understood, valued and secure. This helps us to nurture their individuality by encouraging meaningful relationships amongst peers, teachers and the wider school community.
By cultivating a safe, happy and nurturing community where each individual is valued, our children are given the opportunity to learn about themselves.  


Fostering Exploration

We provide a trusted environment that enables our children to feel secure and ultimately have the confidence to take risks.

By encouraging positive relationships and time to reflect, we help them understand that making mistakes is part of learning and developing.

We appreciate that variety during the school day is key to fostering a love of learning. Our children are given plenty of opportunities to learn both outside their classroom and outdoors. The opportunity to learn in a different environment has a positive impact on every individual who takes part, making St Margaret’s a happier and stronger community.

Our indoor atmosphere and open, outdoor spaces enable our children to explore, learn, play, let off steam, think and grow.


Realising Potential 

We understand that every child is unique. We are committed to developing a culture of learning where pupils seek to be the best that they can be.  

By working together on an individual level, we inspire our pupils to make sure they reach their full potential. Our children learn to understand that success requires perseverance, courage and integrity. By establishing a growth mindset, we can ensure continual improvement and the highest standards of expectations and achievement for all.
These qualities will remain with our children for life, preparing and equipping them to deal positively with whatever challenges the future holds.


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