Year 4 visit Noah's Ark Zoo

To support their recent areas of focus on classification in Science and Biomes in Geography, Year 4 enjoyed a day out at Noah’s Ark Zoo near Bristol.

In the education centre, they shared their fantastic knowledge of how scientists group animals.  They talked about the 2 groups: vertebrates and invertebrates, then classified them further, looking at examples of animal artefacts.  They also investigated food chains and how animals are interdependent and linked within greater food webs.  They then had the chance to met 4 live animals: a hissing cockroach, a millipede, a tortoise and a python. The children loved seeing the animals up-close and learnt how to carefully handle each animal. 

Highlights of the day also included the ‘wings of wonder flying display’, the elephant keeper talk and exploring the reptile house. They also looked around the vast selection of animals which caused great excitement, sharing of knowledge and the children had lots of interesting questions to ask. 


What a wonderful opportunity for our pupils to apply and deepen their knowledge!