Year 4 head to Florida!

Last Friday, Year 4 jetted off to Florida for the day to immerse themselves in their new Geography unit where they will be learning all about the Sunshine State. 

The unseasonably hot weather we were having certainly made the summery clothes they arrived at school in appropriate attire for the day’s activities. Armed with suitcases, they boarded a plane in the Year 4 classroom before taking part in a number of activities. 


First, they worked together to make a Key Lime pie before interviewing a ‘tourist’ (Mr Dury!) about his recent holiday and discovering the many different tourist attractions which can be found there. In the afternoon, they learnt about why citrus fruits grow so well in the Florida climate and squeezed oranges to make freshly made orange juice. This was very welcome on such a hot afternoon!


To finish the day, the children worked really hard to research different animals which are native to Florida and to create a poplet about what they had learnt about Florida using the ipads.

We thought our very own St Margaret's Mickey and Minnie looked pretty fabulous as well!