Year 2 Journey to a Faraway Land

Last week, Year 2 enjoyed a wonderful day of immersive learning to ignite their interests in their new unit of learning 'Journey to a Faraway Land'.  The children looked fantastic in their nautical outfits as they undertook a day of carefully planned activities designed to 'hook' them into their new unit.

First, the children looked at various types of boats made from different materials and for different uses, before crafting their very own boats using a range of materials. 



Next, they explored whether a range of materials would float or sink and examined their suitably for a boat. They learnt about buoyancy and how different materials interact with water. A particularly challenging task was attempting to make Bluetac float! 

Later in the day, the children went on an exciting treasure hunt! Equipped with their compasses, the children went on adventure to locate hidden treasures around the school grounds. They used their trusty compasses to guide them in the right direction. They found the treasure, and it was super tasty! 

As part of the treasure hunt, the children also created their very own treasure map. They let their imaginations run wild, designing intricate landscapes and secret paths, and finally they put an x to mark the hidden treasure.  

What a wonderful day to kick off the new term!