St Margaret's 'Energy Warriors' take on the Lego League!

Congratulations to our Lego League Team, 'Energy Warriors' who competed in the First Lego League competition last week. Samson and Jessica, two of our Energy Warriors share their reflections on the day:

We are part of the St. Margaret’s Lego League team which this year was called the ‘Energy Warriors’.
There were ten carefully chosen people in the team and everyone had a role to play.  There were coders, robot game players, and researchers and we all contributed to each position. The theme of the competition was ‘Super Powered’ and our team researched the issues surrounding the energy journey and created an idea to help the energy gap that is growing every year.
We set off in the school minibus to Bristol full of nervous excitement.  The day was full of interviews by the judges and robotic competitions.  We began by presenting our innovation project to the judges.  We had five minutes to impress the them with our idea which was putting a miniature water turbine into our drainpipes to generate electricity every time it rained - which happens a lot in this country!
There are 36 drainpipes in our school alone which would generate electricity renewably when the water is just going down the drain anyway!  We were questioned by the panel of judges about our design and how it would work.  A group of engineer judges interviewed us about our robot design and performance.
The robotic competition was a little nerve-racking, but our team supported each other throughout the day and although we didn’t win, we were pleased with our final ranking.   At the end of the day, we all dressed up in balloons and had a disco whilst the judges were discussing who performed the best in each category.  When they came back, we found out that we came runners-up in the Innovation Project Award.  We were overjoyed and triumphantly went up to the stage to collect our trophy.

Overall, the experience was hard work, but amazing.  We learnt a huge amount and hope that one day, our design will be found on roofs around the world.

By Samson Wilde and Jessica Halliday