Reception's First Few Weeks in Big School

Reception have done brilliantly at settling into all the changes and new routines which come with moving to 'Big School'. For the first few weeks of school Reception have been busy engaging in a wide range of activities to help them become familiar with their new peers, their classroom environment, resources and routines.

The children have been busy focusing on number recognition and careful counting, they have been practising writing their names, using a range of media and they have embarked on their first Forest School lessons. They have also embarked on a new Phonics and Reading scheme.

A big focus has been on exploring the story of The Gruffalo. The children have engaged in dressing-up, retelling the story in The Wildlife Garden and acting out a range of animal movements through charades. 

One big highlight has been designing their very own Gruffalo-themed ice-cream. The children used their fine motor skills to make their own class crumble. They placed stewed apple at the base of the cone and topped it with Neapolitan ice-cream and their homemade crumble topping. It was real hit with all those woodland creatures and they thoroughly enjoyed wearing their Gruffalo-themed masks to their homemade ice-cream party! Through our cross-curricular links the children have used their first cooking experience in Reception to help practise their first set of sounds: ‘s’ for stirring, ‘a’ apple, ‘t’ for tasting and ‘p’ for party. 

Well done Reception for an exceptionally busy and successful first few weeks of term!