Panto Perfection from Years 3 and 4!

Congratulations to Years 3 and 4 for their two superb performances of 'A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Camelot'. Years 3 and 4 delievered the show with confidence, joy and perfect comedic timing!

Packed with all of our favourite cheeky panto clichés, plenty of over-the-top characters, a fast-paced, hilarious script and clever, catchy parodies of some very popular songs, we joined Arthur, played by the fabulous Lara, and his flamboyant entourage on their quest to save Camelot from dark forces!

After the opening song, the wizard Merlin (played superbly by William) told the backstory to our pantomime.

When old King Uther died, a treacherous knight, Mordred (Noa), usurped the throne at Camelot! For his safety, the infant Prince Arthur (Lara), rightful heir to the throne, was hidden with a peasant family and brought-up unaware of his royal heritage. Fifteen years later, the time has now come for him to fulfil his destiny, return to Camelot and become king. However, Arthur’s older sister, Morgana (our 'baddie' portrayed by the wonderfuly naughty Daisy), had other plans! With a book of spells stolen from Merlin, she has become a powerful witch and vows to become Mordred’s queen, then do away with him and take the throne for herself!

Along the way, we meet our fabulous 'dame' played perfectly by Emily P-C, 'Gobby', our trusty side-kick (Lila), two cheeky trees (Harry and Iwan) 'Arthur's' Army' (which included Lancelot, played by Harry M, Gawain, played by Xenio and Galahad, played by Daisy), Morgana's naughty side-kicks, played by Eleanor, Emily L and Isla, and a host of farmers and ladies (Charlie, Hamish and Evelyn). We also meet Guinevere, played by Martha, who hopes that Arthur will be her knight in shining armour and save her from the evil Mondred who has been pestering her to marry him! Guinevere's confident, Lady Elaine was played confidently by Evelyn. In an epic showdown, Arthur arrives in Camelot just in time and after a thrilling magical battle between Morgana and Merlin, Camelot is finally saved!

Head of Performing Arts, Mrs Hilary Gibbin commented : " We were so proud of the way the cast’s confidence grew as they rehearsed; after only a couple of weeks’ practice, they were milking the audience for applause at the hilarious jokes and songs! We have a dream production team of teaching staff supporting the children to make the show look as spectacular as possible!"

What a show! Well done Years 3 and 4, and thank you to our amazing team for all their hard work in putting our annual Panto together.