Our Year 3 Happy Campers

Last week, Year 3 enjoyed their first taste of a residential trip - a two day outdoor activity programme with H5 Adventure and camping out on the field!

Mr Bromwich often talks about 'Inspiring Excellence' and what that means. He refers back to the idea that it's about a child embracing the opportunities they are presentend with, taking risks, and having a 'can-do' attitude. Well, Year 3 showed this in abundance last week, making the very most of their camp experience!
The children began by setting up camp, putting their tents up and preparing what they needed to cook supper. Once camp was prepared, they took to the grounds to take on a variety of different outdoor adventure activities, which often required strong collaboration and communication skills. H5 adventure always expertly guide our pupils through these camp experiences, encouraging them to show initiative, independence and teamwork.
After dinner, the fire was lit and the children enjoyed roasting marshmallows and getting cosy in their tents and ready for bed. Everyone slept well and enjoyed a satisfying breakfast before a second day of outdoor activities!

Well done to all our Year 3 pupils for taking on this challenge so brilliantly - especially right at the start of their Prep experiences!