Homemade Pizza on the Menu for Year 5

Celebrated chef Peter Vaughan is showing children at a Calne school how pizza can be a healthy option rather than a naughty treat.

The Year 5 pupils at St Margaret’s Preparatory School are being taught about all things dough-related in a series of classes by Mr Vaughan who runs a cookery school in Devizes.

He said: “It is all about knowing what is in your food. For example there are alarmingly high levels of salt in commercially made pizzas, which is ultimately what helps preserve the product for an extended shelf life.

“The children use salt in their baking sessions with me but at the same time, learn how it works and how little you need to help with texture and taste.” 

Peter is also spreading the message that making your own bread and pizzas can help fight plastic waste pollution and be better for the environment.  He said: “There is a lot more packaging and transportation for ready-made food products such as pizzas.  They are almost certainly never made using British grown wheat, such as those I use with the children at St Margaret’s, much of which is grown organically here in Wiltshire.”