Cooking up a Storm

Thank you to Bertie in Year 6 for sharing his experience of a morning's cooking at Bromham Farm Cookery School. After a windy bus journey, we finally arrived at Bromham Farm Cookery School. Once we arrived, we were greeted by 3 lovely ladies called Gretchen, Jodie and Laura.  We were then given aprons - this made us feel like real chefs!

Our first recipe was bread rolls - the race began. Throughout our cooking experience, we had a number of races to beat the other team to be the quickest and most accurate! Whilst we waited for the bread to rise, we got straight to the chocolate brownies. The ingredients looked so good, and we were allowed to lick the bowl and spoon (lucky us!)

After we made the brownies, we had another race whilst chopping up potatoes to make chips. We got to use a special gadget which made this easier for us. After the chips, we started to make the burgers. We added a range of spices to mince. Then, we made our own coleslaw. We added a range of vegetables and added our own dressing.

Finally, we dished up and enjoyed our wonderful food. After we ate, we said a massive thank you and left.

We are looking forward to creating our own version of burgers, chips and brownies at home, now we are experts. 

Yum! Well done Year 6 - we hope you are putting these new cooking skills to good use for your parents at home!