Back to the Stone Age with Year 3!

After a fantastic day out at Avebury, Year 3 enjoyed a brilliant hook day last week to launch their unit of work all about the Stone Age.

Their classrooms were awash with animal print and mad hair as the children (and teachers!) dressed in their superb outfits, enjoyed a whole host of activities.

The children enjoyed fire building, foraging and a ‘worship dance’ and they made their very own ‘cave’ in the Year 3 classrooms and spent time decorating it with some fantastic cave paintings.


They then wrote descriptive passages about life in their cave and put their DT skills to good use, making tools with sticks and stones they had gathered and designed a pneumatic stone age animal. 


This memorable day leads them nicely into the next few weeks of learning, where they will explore and retell the story Stoneage Boy and they will look at thermal insulators in Science, and consider how cave people kept warm. They will also be making pneumative prehistoric animal models and will be writing diary entries- lots of exciting learning to come for Year 3!