Baa Baa Grump!

Nursery and Reception children delivered a fantastic performance of 'Thr Grumpy Sheep' to kick-start our Christmas celebrations here in school!

The children performed brilliantly - remembering their lines and speaking clearly. We followed the story of a Grumpy Sheep, played superbly by Lincon, who finds his way to Bethlehem to learn about the birth of Jesus Christ. Along the way, he begins to understand the true meaning of Chirstmas and as a result ends up a happy little lamb!


Reception led the way with the performance, with lots of lovely singing and acting, while our Upper Nursery supported as 'stars' singing along beautifully. Lower Nursery brought the cute factor - they were the animals who gathered around the manger! 

Well done to all of our EYFS for their fabulous performance - the first of many as they move through the school!