Welcome to St Margaret’s Kindergarten. Your child’s journey can start with us from the age of three when they will begin their school life in our safe and stimulating pre-school environment. They will feel confident to freely explore, test their independence away from their family and find their creativity. 

Our primary aim is to cultivate a positive home-school relationship that is established for the entire time your child is with us. Adopting a holistic, family-focused approach to understand the whole child is embraced not just by our Kindergarten teachers, but by each staff member at the school who will interact with your child. This approach allows us to work with ‘Parents as Partners’ to truly understand each child and to ensure they feel understood and secure, and confident with their new surroundings and routines.

We place great importance on encouraging each child’s communication skills - developing meaningful relationships with their peers, learning how to negotiate and take turns and being confident with adults. 

Please contact us to arrange a visit – we would love to meet you.

Juliette Heal
Head of Kindergarten & Pre-Prep

"Children in the EYFS develop strong foundations for learning through a varied and vibrant curriculum."

ISI Inspection Report


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A caring and nurturing approach from our highly qualified staff, ensures that each child thrives and develops a real joy of learning. Structured play and activities provide the foundation for reading, writing and number work. Creative skills are nurtured and encouraged through painting, drama and musical activity.

Specialist lessons are timetabled each morning so the children can enjoy Swimming, Music, Games, Computing and French. In addition to spending time in our light, airy, purpose-built classroom, the children are given time to put different skills to use in the linked outdoor learning area and by exploring the multitude of outdoor learning spaces.
Our children in Kindergarten are very much part of the school, so they also have the opportunity to explore the school grounds and spend time with the older children. They have access to the wider school facilities including the library, dining hall, play equipment, 25m indoor swimming pool and acres of playing fields. An organised timetable of enrichment activities means that the children can take advantage of whole school events such as theatre company visits, Pre-prep sports day, Book Week and the Christmas nativity.



Working with ‘Parents as Partners’ means that we can adopt a holistic, family-focused approach to understand the whole child. We work hard to ensure that each child feels understood and secure and will therefore be more confident with their new surroundings and routines. To support this, just prior to starting with us, nursery visits are arranged so that we can begin to get to know the children in a setting familiar to them.
During the year, we strengthen our relationship with parents by ensuring there is regular, open dialogue and can chat to parents at drop-off and pick-up. In addition to the online Learning Journey and Parents’ Evenings, we organise a number of events throughout the year that gives our parents and extended family the opportunity to see their child in their learning environment. During one afternoon in the autumn and spring terms, Open House allows parents to be actively involved in their child’s learning and Grandparents’ Afternoon is always very well attended! As our Kindergarten children swim each week, in the summer term we also invite family members to an Open Swim session (from the poolside!) so they can see their child’s progression. 

Kindergarten Day & Fees

In order to benefit from the activities organised in the Kindergarten and to assist with settling in and confidence building, we recommend a minimum of three or four sessions per week, which can be booked on a full or half-day basis.

We aim to be as flexible as possible to fit in with parents, family and work requirements. Kindergarten is open from 8.15am until 4.00pm, Monday to Friday, with an early morning drop off facility at 8.00am. Wraparound care is available until 6.00pm in our ‘Maggots’ after-school club at an additional cost. 

For the purpose of claiming hourly funding, session times are as follows:
● Morning session, 4 hours: 8.30am-12.30pm (including a morning snack and hot lunch)
● Full day session, 7.5 hours: 8.30am-4.00pm (including a morning snack, hot lunch and afternoon snack)


Transition from Kindergarten to Reception

We appreciate that the move from Kindergarten to start full-time education in Reception is a significant one and so we make sure that the transition for both our children and parents is a positive and seamless experience. 

An excellent staff/pupil ratio contributes to this, ensuring that each child receives a high level of individual attention, making the move into the Reception class far less daunting.
To help with their transition, throughout the year our children enjoy visiting the Reception classroom for an informal story or activity, where they can spend time with the Reception teachers and teaching assistants. The Reception team also regularly visit Kindergarten to play with the children and begin to build relationships. Lunch in Early Years is a social occasion and a lovely opportunity for Reception staff to regularly chat with the Kindergarten children as they enjoy their meal. As a department we also frequently join together for activities such as festival celebrations and sporting events.
An Interactive Learning Journey for each child is established when they start with us and continues ‘seamlessly’ through their Reception year. This is used by staff to share the child’s learning journey with their parents using photos, videos and text. Parents are also able to add their own photos and comments to the web-based diary.
At the end of the summer term, children joining Reception from our Kindergarten or from their respective nurseries are invited to spend the morning with their peers and teacher in their new classroom during our Induction Day. Our wonderful team of Parent Reps also contact parents to make sure they feel welcome, have access to the information they need and organise play dates over the summer holiday.
Kindergarten to reception

Early Years Foundation Stage Curriculum

The Early Years Foundation stage is the curriculum followed in Kindergarten and Reception.

There are seven areas of learning which are each divided into sub-categories. Each area of learning and development is implemented through a mix of adult-led and child-initiated activities.  

Prime Areas
● Personal, Social and Emotional Development
● Communication and Language
● Physical Development

Specific Areas
● Literacy
● Mathematics
● Understanding the World
● Arts and Design

Early Years