History Brought to Life for Year 2!

On Friday 19th April, Year 2 kicked off their new unit of learning all about the Victorians with an adventure to Sevington Victorian School.

They looked especially smart in their traditional costumes, and even took on new ‘Victorian’ style names to really get into role for the day! Our boys and girls experienced life in the Victorian classroom, realising very quickly that there were LOTS of rules to abide by, from sitting up straight, to having clean hands, being silent and doing exactly as they were told.

The children experienced lessons in Reading, Writing and Arithmetic, all taught by the formidable Miss Squire. The lessons certainly felt different to those they are used to here at St Margaret’s, and the children learnt to use the abacus to help them with their Arithmetic and how to write with ink and a fountain pen!


After a Victorian style lunch (again, a far cry from our yummy St Margaret’s lunches!) the boys then learnt about bee keeping and learnt to make a candle, whilst the girls took on the challenge of making lavender bags.

A day where history was truly brought to life, and the perfect way to start a fascinating new topic for our Year 2s!